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1 January - 28 December 2012

Scholarships for studing in ergonomics in Brazil

Following a recent trip to the ABERGO and ULAERGO conference in Rio, Brazil the following opportunities for study have been extended to us in South Africa:

Below is the announcement of scholarships for Masters and Doctorate in Brazil by the National Council of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq).

DEADLINE: 10/15/2012

Here is the link with all the information CNPq in Portuguese:;jsessionid=AD355E99877CC4A3B27A0FFD3FA035B5?p_p_id=resultadosportlet_WAR_resultadoscnpqportlet_INSTANCE_0ZaM&filtro=abertas&detalha=chamadaDivulgada&idDivulgacao=1901

Here is the link with all the 246 ergonomics research groups in Brazil, with the research topic, Prof. Leader, and the area of knowledge of CAPES:

By clicking on the name of the Professor, there is a link at the top right, which gives Lattes Curriculum Access to the Professor, with all his scientific and other data.

For questions contact directly the CNPq and Prof. top leader of each university to optimize the process