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2 January - 22 December 2012

Human Factors and Safety in Aviation


Professor Andrew Thatcher from Wits University is involved with research into human factors and safety in the South African Aviation industry. In a very exciting development (for which Andrew needs to be congratulated), a symposium on human factors and safety in aviation is being put together. The symposium is being supported by the Aviation Traffic Navigation Services (ATNS) and three international speakers have already been confirmed. The symposium will be on the 27-31 January 2014 and Andrew has asked us to get ESSA members involved in the event. In particular Andrew has the following requests:

1. We would like to know what are considered burning issues from YOUR perspective that could form themes for this symposium.

2. Whether there are staff and/or students interested (or would like to get interested) in research in the aviation field


This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in a very exciting project. Please forward any comments and/or queries you have to Andrew (